Where’s Welly?

Wellington: the coolest little capital, right? Well, it certainly has been chilly if you’re a connected educator – the chill of feeling lonely. Where has Welly been on the innovation in education scene? With the birth of #WellyED, a connected educators’ community, we aim to showcase the innovation that is definitely happening in a Wellington classroom near you. We also aim to provide warm and demanding support to educators who wish to learn and grow their modern learning practice.

We have a Twitter hashtag, a Google+ group, and a blog… And that’s just for starters! We will hold termly events to bring like-minded people from across all education sectors together – starting with an ‘unconference‘, #educampwelly, to be held at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School in Karori on February 28, 2015. More information on this event can be found on our blog, or on the educampNZ Wiki.

If you want to get started or be developed on your e-learning, future-focused pedagogy, modern learning practice journey, then #WellyED is the place for you. Welly has been found, and it’s a warm-hearted place!

This blogpost has been written for anyone to use to advertise/promote #WellyED. Please feel free to cut and paste this text into your emails as you help grow our community, and encourage registration for educampwelly.

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