Showcase: Tony Cairns

The intention is for this to be a regular slot on WellyED: showcasing our amazing local educators. This week: Tony Cairns, connected educator extraordinaire and Science teacher at Wellington High School.

Tony Cairns

1.      What brought you to #WellyED?

I am inspired by Philippa Nicoll Antipas and the hope of connecting all Wellington and NZ teachers to share resources, expertise and experiences to make teaching fun, friendly and fantastic for us and the students. I want all teachers and students to have the best resources when they need them all the time wherever they are. That dream is what drives me and keeps me up late and rising early (ish).

2.      What’s something exciting that’s happening in your classroom or in your sector?

I am handing over learning, teaching and innovation to students, colleagues and communities. Letting go of control, curriculum, content and creating teachers from learner and learners from teachers is pretty exciting and a bit scary. I am trying to record all experiments, seminars, lectures, PD and events I attend so there is a digital record which may be of use in the future.

3.      Who or what inspires you?

Philippa Nicoll Antipas, Claire Amos, Gerard Macmanus, Karen Melhuish Spencer, Danielle Myburgh, Paula Hay, Eliot Attridge, Terry Burrell, Chrissie Butler and most of all teachers I meet and talk to.
My students and colleagues inspire me the most and I think Dawkins, Hitchens, Callaghan, Hawking, Brian Cox, Douglas Adams and Oscar Wilde are pretty amazing.

4.      What’s your next professional learning goal?

To upload all Science, Biology, Arts, History and Cultural knowledge and resources in coherent, learning ideas, structured form to all relevant and useful sites. To integrate all information, resources, archives, museums, library and image data on all non-living Australasians and store in a useable, accessible, family controlled database system. To create virtual holo-decks to allow students and teachers to experience 4D virtual reality classes for space, time and multidimensional mind travel. (and get more sleep, swim  more and take my kids outside more)

5.      When I’m not teaching I’m…

Asleep or thinking about teaching or planning lessons or finding or making resources or cooking, cleaning and looking after the kids. Increasingly I want to swim every day, walk to work and see more sunsets, mountain streams and active volcanos. I would like to do more genetics, genealogy and geology with as much archaeology, ecology and marine biology as I can squeeze in. I want to optimize sleep, learn how to turn off aging and how to upload ourselves to the net to live  – virtually – forever  – and that’s just for starters – there’s all that time and space and dimensions yet to discover.

Follow Tony on Twitter, Google+, and on the Pond (and that’s just for starters!)

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