Showcase: Rebbecca Sweeney

In this final showcase for 2014, we are proud to introduce the wonderful Rebbecca Sweeney, who works as a facilitator at CORE Education.


1. What brought you to #WellyED?

I was whining on Twitter during CEM [Connected Educator Month] about not being connected enough to Wellington educators, then Philippa [@AKeenReader] saw me whining and joined in but then we started talking solutions and ideas and this blog, and a Google Doc and other stuff happened!!

2. What’s something exciting that’s happening in your classroom or in your sector?

I’m a CORE professional learning facilitator and I work in Wellington, Masterton and Christchurch with clusters of schools. There is some really exciting stuff happening in that cluster/network space and before we know it, teachers, learners, communities, iwi, and others all over the place will not only know they are part of a cluster of schools and early childhood services, but they will know what their part is in that cluster.

3. Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by researchers and practitioners who work in education settings. I’m really interested in people in both of those spaces who are thinking about and doing stuff related to being future focused, transformational and collaborative. I’m really inspired by people who can also throw innovation and design thinking into that mix.

4. What’s your next professional learning goal?

As a facilitator I’m looking to improve/transform my practice in 2015 so that it better reflects being future focused and transformational. Feedback from the school and EC leaders I usually work with shows that I need to get the balance right between swimming around in murky ambiguity and enabling some certainty in what we do. I tend towards being heavy on discomfort and ambiguity! It’s a tricky balance as I want to be enabling but also challenging. I also want to learn more about classroom practice and modern learning pedagogies/environments.

5. When I’m not teaching, I’m…

…renovating my house (so far a six year project!), running, doing pilates, hanging out with my nieces and nephews and wider family in Christchurch and Auckland; reading, reflecting, writing; watching Shortland Street; quaffing wine and the odd gin.

Many thanks to all of the wonderful Wellington educators who have contributed to the #WellyED showcase so far. We look forward to bringing you more stories from our innovative and inspiring colleagues in the New Year. Remember, you can nominate an educator you know, or even answer our burning five questions yourself – just tweet @AKeenReader!

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