Tales from ‘Round the Campfire

When I went to my first educamp I was extremely nervous.  I didn’t know anybody. That’s right. Nobody at all. I wasn’t even teaching in a classroom at that stage. It was a huge risk for me, both personally and professionally, to put myself out there like that. To make things more complex I wasn’t actually sure what an educamp was or what it would be like!

What I found was a bunch of highly motivated teachers willing to share ideas in a warm, welcoming space.  There were no experts, no hierarchy and certainly nobody with an agenda (ha! a little unconference joke there!). I just found that talking to everyone and listening was so valuable. Here were the foot soldiers of the education world talking about how it really happens in their classrooms. It was the raw deal. And I liked it.

So part of me being involved in the WellyEd educamp is re-creating some of those special moments for others. That feeling of being part of a group of intrinsically motivated teachers. That warm, welcoming, relaxing feeling of learning what you want to learn as opposed to what someone tells you you have to learn. The laughter. The fun. The connections. The people.

There is a very complex educational term that gets used quite often on Twitter. That is the concept of the “Lone Nut”. Educamps are an opportunity for a whole lot of Lone Nuts to come together and bounce ideas off each other. It is also an opportunity for you to come with members of your school team and take ideas back together.  The important thing is that you make what you want of it. The learning is in your hands.

  • This blogpost comes to you from Leanne. You can read more about her here.
  • You can also register to attend educampwelly right here!
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