Eduignite Showcase: Celia Fleck

This week we continue showcasing some of our fabulous speakers from last month’s Eduignite. We are so pleased introduce Celia Fleck from Aotea College – an Eduignite novice, but one brave enough to share on her very first go! Awesome role-modelling, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Her presentation on an innovative Sport in Education project in her school is embedded here:

1. What brought you to #WellyED?

Quite simply, Twitter – Following people, following conversations, hearing about what is happening. I love hearing other people’s stories and experiences, so EduIgnite sounded perfect.

2. What’s something exciting that’s happening in your sector or in your classroom?

I feel like we are starting to ‘fracture the glass’ with regard to conversations that challenge what learning might look like in secondary schools – about making it authentic, relevant, cross curricular.

3. Who or what inspires you?

My students inspire me everyday, and my amazing Health and Physical Education team at Aotea College; my colleagues in the other Sport in Education schools have been hugely inspiring these past three years; the staff at Hobsonville Point Secondary School inspire me – I love their willingness to share their experiences (warts and all); and my Mum inspires me to keep putting on my running shoes and put one foot in front of the other (figuratively and literally).

4. What’s your next professional learning goal?

To develop my leadership capacity; to share with others my experiences in cross curricular teaching and learning and explore ‘How might we encourage and empower more staff to implement cross curricular practices within their own teaching practice?’

5. When I’m not teaching I’m…

Running, reading, at the beach; on the sidelines of my boys’ (11 and 13 years) many sports activities.

And you can connect to connect with Celia via Twitter @CeliaFleck, through her blog or email:

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