WellyED Needs You!

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Connected Educator Month  will soon be upon us, and at our WellyED planning session earlier in the month we devoted some time to thinking about how we might contribute. We agreed that we were inspired by the efforts of ChchED last October, where a different Christchurch educator wrote a blogpost for each day of the month. Seeing as we have a pretty active blogsite, we thought that would work for us too.

But! We’d like to put our own Wellington spin on the idea. So, we’d like to blog each day of October, but we want to hear from the learners of Wellington – your students. Maybe you already have a class blog – we’re happy to cross-post – as long as the post is a new one for October. Maybe one of your learners has their own blog and would like to write a post for us too. Maybe you just have a keen writer who’s interested in a new audience. What we’re most interested in is a snapshot of learning from Wellington classrooms. Cross-sector is important to us – how might we hear from early childhood, primary, intermediate, high school, tertiary? Please put the word out.

Is your class keen to be involved? Here’s a Google Doc to sign up. You’ll notice there are more than 31 spaces. Maybe we can’t count here at WellyED, and maybe we’re high achievers who like to over-deliver…but either way, we’d like the table full!

This is a blogging challenge, and WellyED needs you!

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