WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 2

Today’s post comes from Newlands Intermediate.

Welcome to Room 3. Here, new learning tools and learning in context combine, keeping us, the students, interested. Welcome to an innovative classroom.

The first thing you’d notice, walking in the door, is the desks. At different levels, they offer different learning spaces. Several different types of chairs allow for different seating styles. The unique thing about this arrangement is the fact that it was designed by the whole class in collaboration, not just the teacher. Each desk has a pot plant on top. In one plant, a squirrel has taken up residence. In another, a snake. Students have made the space their own.

You might be lucky enough to notice the e-learning.  Several students have embraced the BYOD policy and use a personal device.  The class also has four desktops, a class I-Pad and four chromebooks, kept in the syndicate COW(Computers On Wheels). On top of this, the school has several shared MacBooks. Any class can book some of these out and use them. This is a Google school and every student has an account, managed by the school.

This class in particular uses different tools to your typical class. Minecraft is used occasionally as a learning tool. On top of this, learning in context is a large part of the schedule. As Krish puts it: “We learn funly!”

Math time. In a corner, the students on the math project City3, a design, geography and geometry project, work. Designing a city of the future, students are using mathematical skills to create a livable masterpiece. Outside in the shared learning area, Whaea Brie is running a focused maths session with the maths group Omicron. In yet another space, students work on a problem based around the area of circles. `

As well as using interesting methods of learning, this class is flexible. If you came on Tuesday, you might notice the teacher leaving in the afternoon to go to Dance. Center Stage, Production and Stage Challenge. You name it, Whaea Brie is involved. Requiring some flexibility.

When the bell finally rings, most of us will agree that we’ve had a good day. But wait! It’s not quite over yet. Our exit pass is telling Whaea Brie what curriculum areas we’ve been learning in, and what Building Learning Power skills we’ve used. As we trundle out the doors, we smile.

Welcome to Room 3.

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