WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 3

Today’s post comes from Island Bay School. See their original post here.

Save the Rhinos & Lesedi the Travelling Rhino Project (#CENZ)

Welcome to the North Hub’s Connected Educator Month blog post:

For our new blog visitors, we are a group of 90 learners in a collaborative learning space with 1:1 devices and our 3 teachers Jarryd, Jacqui & Hannah.

Last week, Lesedi the travelling rhino arrived at our school.  Lesedi is one of five travelling rhinos that were sent around the world to raise global awareness for the plight of the rhinos.

As there are five different species of rhinoceros, the organiser Karen Stadler sent five toy rhinos to different parts of the world.  We feel excited to have the opportunity Lesedi at our school for a few weeks.

We are fortunate enough to have our visit by Lesedi coincide withWorld Rhino Day (tomorrow, 22nd September).

As part of Lesedi’s visit with us, we will be learning more about rhinos including the different species, their habitat, life cycle, and general facts about these gentle giants.  Lesedi has arrived with 2 journals which indicate where she has been on her journey and we can learn a bit about what other kids have done to raise awareness.

Watch this space to see more of what we have learned about rhinos and the action we decide to take.

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