WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 8

Today’s blogpost comes from Kelburn Normal School.

9k=-22Q==This term in Room 10 we have been learning how to make a game on an app called The Adventure Creator on the iPad. We chose our own groups to work in so our ideas were matched and we could create what sort of game it would be.

In this game you can choose your 5 settings. We started off by making 5 destinations. One of them is your starting point. We drew plans of our 5 locations with pictures to match. The locations are in different compass directions – North, East, South or West.

We can put down objects and make them so you can carry them or not carry them.  To do this you need to give the objects a specific weight. Objects coloured red you cannot pick up and objects that are coloured blue you can pick up.

We learnt that if you wanted to pick an object up then the person playing the game has to write a command. You have to use bossy verbs in your commands.You cannot put objects in the middle destination.

Once we have done all the basic set-up we have to do coding to make the game work. You need to play the game yourself to make sure your coding is all correct.

So what’s the learning in all this game making?

We have to use lots of problem solving and coding to make our game work and make it challenging and fun for the person playing it.  It is good to know how to code because when you are older you might have to use coding or solve problems in your job and it might come in handy.  We have had to use maths, writing and reading in this project.  It might not seem that you are using them but you are.  We had to be risk takers, communicators, problem solvers, cooperate with others, be members of a team and have a growth mindset. We really like this project because it is fun going on the iPad but it is also fun learning and mixing the two together.

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