WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 9

Today’s blogpost comes from Worser Bay School.

Grandparent Day and Manaakitanga: Worser Bay School/ Mahutonga Blog Post

Our focus this term has been about showing Manaakitanga. Manaakitanga is all about care and respect.

Our inquiry is called, “who is in our community?” We had visits from the refugee centre, the compassion centre and a 92 year old man called Gilbert. Nicky Hager also came to visit us and talked to us about how we can make a change. We thought about how we can give back to the community. We started to organise our own trips. Some of us went to the local church to sing at their Friday morning cafe and some of us have been fundraising for the children’s hospital and KidsCan. We are going to continue these visits next term so that we can give back to our community. We all have some different ideas about what we can do.

We had a grandparent day and invited our families into school. They look after us, so we want to look after them. We performed some poems that we have written and sang some songs We also gave our visitors tea, coffee and kai.  We enjoyed sharing our learning with our grandparents and they enjoyed their visit too.

Visit our blog: http://matarikiwbs.blogspot.co.nz/ and watch our video!

By George, Hunter, Manaia, Hugo and Lucas

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