WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 13

Today’s blogpost comes from Raroa Normal Intermediate School.

Extreme Maths Blog Entry – Raroa Normal Intermediate.
Extreme Maths is a creative approach to maths, providing practical challenges. We learn by doing, so all activities are active. We get to work with different teachers and complete a range of challenging, yet fun, activities. We are continually working with different people in different learning spaces. (Lyle and Annika Room 7 & 8)


Ms O’Malley’s activities involve finding angles, locating angles around the classroom and using small and large protractors to accurately measure them. They will also show an understanding of how angles help students to understand bearings and use a digital compass to familiarising themselves with following compass directions. Another activity has students creating treasure maps, following measurement and geometry requirements.

Mr Eames’s activities involve super problem solving situations, working out how much popcorn can fill a cylinder, how many stairs a person steps using a special pattern, working out the area of circles using string, creating a cube which can hold exactly a litre of water and many amazing challenges.
Ms Southall’s activity involves planning, measuring and building a house to fit within a specific space.
Mr Bowkett’s activities involve reading timetables, solving problems involving time, interpreting and understanding timetables, graphs and maps to and plan trips.
Mr Johnston’s task is to put together a design proposal for tiling one of the bathrooms at Raroa. This involves finding the area of rooms and tiles and working out how to cut their tiles to fit the space.

Mr Eames: “Extreme maths provides students with practical activities that require mathematical thinking, problem solving and collaboration. Within each challenge students will receive needs based clinics and moment-in-time teaching.”


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