WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 14

Today’s blogpost comes from Brandon Intermediate.

Learning in Room 5

Here at Brandon Intermediate in Room 5, we do a lot of great things and the possibilities  here are endless… well most of the time. We learn a lot of fun, cool stuff and sometimes it’s hard but it’s always guaranteed to be worth it. We work together to make our school a better place and we strive to achieve  with the best of our abilities. Here at Brandon we learn about Maths, Writing, Reading, Spelling and much more! In room 5 we are so proud of our love of learning.

9k=-2 9k=-3 9k=-4 9k=-5

These are images showing how we as a class, work together. The boys in Room 5 love to play Rugby League and Touch Rugby. Every opportunity we can, we earn free time for P.E. Our first choice is Touch Rugby. The girls in Room 5 love to play Basketball or Netball, but most of the time they would just join in with us and we have lots of fun. Our Classroom has a Twitter account and we are on it at least two times a week. We follow a group called Kidsedchatnz and chatting with them and learning about the questions they ask is exciting.The best thing about them is the videos from Kid president, he is a young funny fellow that enlightens us everytime we watch him, and the thing we like about him is when he always mentions CORNDOG!    

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