WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 21

Today’s blogpost comes from Ridgway School.

Year 7 & 8, Room 8

Ridgway School, Wellington

Twitter: @Rm8Ridgway

Tuia te rangi e tū iho nei

Tuia te papa e takoto nei.

Join sky above

To earth below,

Just as people join together

Kia ora koutou, Room 8 consists of 34 year seven and eight students. I am immensely proud of these fine young learners. Enjoy the following snippets.

Me te mihi nui,

Diana-Grace Morris

Twitter: @dianagracenz

City Classroom

Written by Hugo, Reuben and Sol

IMG_0044We wonder…

Does any other school go to the Wellington Central Library in school time?

Every second Friday the Ridgway school seniors travel by public bus to the Wellington Central library. When we get into the library,we are greeted by a kind librarian whose name is Ben who showcases new books. We then have 2 hours to browse, issue and read books. Sometimes people choose not to issues books and just do their school work instead. After we have selected and issued our books we go over to the art gallery and look at art. Sometimes after we have been to the gallery we go and play on the astro. Then we catch the public bus back to school.

Thank you Wellington Central Library , City Art Gallery, Wellington and Wellington City Council for a great bus service and astro turf!

IMG_8553 photo-3

Code Club

Written by Ari, Danny and Will

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.56.26 pmEvery Thursday and occasionally on Friday in the school library we have Code Club. It starts at at 1:00pm. Code Club goes until 1:30pm at the end of lunch. We start it at 1:00pm so kids have enough time to eat lunch. We do this to give other kids a chance at coding. At Code Club kids can learn how to code games, animations and stories. Code Club is for years four to eight. In Code Club you can choose to code on Scratch or Gamefroot. Most of the people at Code Club don’t know about Gamefroot. The only class which knows about Gamefroot is Room 8, the year 7 and 8 class. Everyone in Room 8 who does Code Club prefers Scratch. So at Code Club everybody goes on Scratch. The younger kids are usually helped by one of the older kids if they are just starting Scratch or going on Scratch for the first time.

Wellington Childrens’ Hospital  Fundraiser

Written by Henry and Jack

Biscuits 3

We liked…

How we were able to create our own Biscuit that went into a proper cafe was fantastic!

Another thing that was cool is the fact that we could buy our own creation and we could make whatever we want!

Ridgway did it because it was a good addition to the community and ( let’s face it ) kids biscuits are way yummier than adults ones, and we were doing it for a good cause.

All in all it was a great experience and we enjoyed it!

Thank you Brooklyn Deli, Wellington

Imagine an Exhibition by Ridgway School Year 7 & 8

Written by Anya, Julia and Vita

IMG_0333Exhibition invite

Room 8 has had a lot of amazing experiences this year, and our most recent one is especially awesome. Right now we are avidly thanking In Good Company for being able to host our first ever art exhibition. We are so lucky to have this opportunity to show off our art! Our art has been inspired by Bridget Riley and Monet, as well as hand sketches. In the process of painting our Monet art, we have learned about the special skills behind using watercolour paints. For our Bridget Riley art, the learning was around finding a balance between symmetry and chaos in optical illusions using only black and white. The exhibition is being launched on Friday 16th of October. The exhibition is on until Friday 23rd October. You are invited to pop into 166a Cuba street and have a peek!

Thank you In Good Company, Welington

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