WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 23

Today’s blogpost comes from Hutt Central School.

Getting the Conversation Started #kidspeaknz

 On Wednesday morning a group of seniors were all excited to take part in our first conversation with learners from other schools using Twitter.

It was called #kidspeaknz.

A group of children went on to chromebooks at 9:15 to get ready for our first #kidspeaknz. We got to read other people’s opinion, and what they thought about their own school. Some children didn’t agree on our opinion, some opinions were different. It was awesome to see other’s opinions. We spent about 45 minutes typing, discussing and thinking. Some of the ideas were ones we didn’t even think of. It was an exciting experiment, and we hope everyone else will get a turn. By Briony

We had 7 questions and had to answer them,it was great to see how other people thought of things, and to see how their school was going too. It was also a way for our teachers to see things we thought needed improvement. It was my first time on twitter and it was an awesome experience, and i would love to do it again!!! By Grace M

We had 7 questions which involved students to answer them and express their thoughts on that particular question. Everyones opinion was unique, some we didn’t agree on and some we thought ‘hay this is a good idea!’. It was an amazing experience to talk with other kids and see what different schools are doing around NZ! By Ella

Check out the Storify of our session

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