WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 25

Today’s blogpost comes from Newtown School.

You can check out the ‘original’ post here.

Exploration Time

Lately we have started a new morning routine which has been embraced with enthusiasm by our whānau

When the children arrive at school on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, they place their name badge on the wall and start playing, creating and exploring using various resources, materials and activities that are available for them to engage with freely. 

The exploration time starts at 8.30am. This includes magnets, model making, collage, exploration of natural materials, board games, free play, reading, passion projects, writing, listening to music/audio, science experiments, painting and drawing.  

Pack up time is 9.10am, so when the morning bell rings, the children keep exploring. There is flow between arrival and ‘formal teaching,’ so the children do not see school learning in isolation, but as part of their overall development. We encourage families to participate, as we value relationships between home and school. It also provides our student’s whānau the opportunity to observe their children in a free school setting. By exploring in this way, our tamariki can have the opportunity to make decisions, choose their own materials, and solve their own problems. They are encouraged to try things out, so they can experience exploration, and curiosity as important and valued ways of learning.
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