WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 27

Today’s blogpost comes from Raumati Beach School.

El Rancho Camp

Week 1, Term 4 – 170 Year 5 & 6 students went off to camp. We had an exciting time, did fun activities, and learnt new things about ourselves.

  • I’m not afraid of horses
  • I’m awesome
  • I can still do stuff when I don’t want to
  • I can have a lot of fun even if I’m away from my family for some time
  • I love staying at camps
  • I’m good at being kind to people
  • I can push my limits further
  • I can take a 6km walk and go to camp without my parents
  • I can walk really long walks
  • I made a good choice of friends
  • I’m not a big scaredy cat

We achieved some great goals:

  • Sleeping in a room with most of my friends and surviving
  • I had fun and got some sleep
  • Being more social and being less shy
  • I got a bulls eye in archery
  • Walking the longest walk ever
  • To care about other people
  • Being brave and not giving up
  • Made new friends with people I didn’t know before
  • Doing archery and making new friends
  • I shot my first bow and arrow
  • Sleeping in a cabin with a group of people and trying all the activities
  • I learnt how to do archery
  • I shot an air rifle
  • To finish my first camp
  • Working away from my sister for four days in a row
  • To sleep in a cabin with other people
  • Hit the bullseye in archery and I led a horse
  • I did a front handspring, did archery, and I led a horse
  • I went to camp
  • Sleeping away from home
  • I made new friends

And summed camp up like this:

  • Camp was fun and weird
  • Nice food, horses, low ropes
  • Fitness, dining, activities, walk, mucky
  • Horrible mash-potato, awesome activities, funny friends
  • Really, really fun
  • Fun, food, exciting, social
  • Awesome
  • Exciting, boring, fun, first time
  • Adventurous, fun, food
  • It was really awesome
  • Really awesome, super duper cool
  • Fun, food, water slide, activities, cabins
  • Fun, food, sleep, activities, cabin
  • Cool, mean, ok
  • The best thing ever!
  • It was fun and challenging
  • Fun and tiring
  • Fun activities with my friends
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