WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 28

Today’s blogpost comes from learners at Karori Normal School.

Hi everyone, this is Brianna and Holly from Room 27, Karori Normal School. We are going to write about our class this year.

School design project

This term, one of our main focuses is designing the perfect school. We’ve been going around interviewing other kids from the school, asking them questions about what they like and don’t like about the school. We are trying to create a school environment that is for everyone. One of the questions our teacher Ms Nathan presented us with was: Can school truly be for everyone?

This brought many opinions to the the table. Most people thought that school could be for everyone, but only if the school has unlimited money and space to give everyone what they want. We also discussed the learning aspect about creating the perfect school. Most kids if you asked them would say they wanted a stadium or pool added to the school. But if you talked about the teaching, the kids would shrug, maybe asking for more learning games. So what makes a school perfect? Is it the fact they have a football pitch the size of america or a olympic swimming pool, or is it the fact that kids get a say in what they learn and when they learn it? Because we believe that teachers aren’t there to make kids work, teachers are there to mentor them and help them feel included and empowered.

Google It

Okay, let’s do a little throwback to last term, to the amazing success that was the Year 7 and 8 production. The theme was ‘Google It’. Each class designed a 10-minute play within the theme. For our class, we did Fanfiction Fairytales. At first we were slightly behind the other classes, and many people were getting a bit stressed, hearing about how other classes were doing. Once we got started, Ms Nathan went away on holiday, and most of the class got pretty anxious, because once Ms Nathan got back we would have to be done our 10-minute play. However, our reliever teacher was very enthusiastic about the production, and we got loads done, much to Ms Nathan’s relief once she got back. Our 10-minutes play was about fanfiction being written by the Optimist, then switching to the Pessimist writing about Prince Charming and Cinderella’s wedding with a bit of a twist.

In the classroom

Room 27 often does Self Directed Learning in class. The students would be given free time, and a list of work to do. We could work at our own pace, and take quick breaks from work when we wanted to. We find it’s a much more relaxed and fun way to do our work!

Move It!

Something new that Room 27 has started this term is Move It! In the morning, the class would get about half an hour to play a game outside. Some favourites that we normally do are Black Panther, Bob Tag, 12345, and Crocodile Crocodile. This exercise/play time gives the Room 27 students a boost for the rest of the day.

Desk groups

Room 27 can choose their own desk groups. This helps us to behave better in class because none of us want to be moved away from our friends (which is the consequence of being silly with your friends in class). Another cool thing is that we don’t necessarily have to have a desk, or have your own desk. You can share a desk with your friend by dragging another chair up to it. We also have a couch and a rocking chair in our room that make some comfy workspaces!

Room 27’s door

The title of this paragraph doesn’t sound all that interesting, but we wanted to mention that our classroom door broke in Term 3, so our class is doorless

We all love Room 27!

Ms Nathan, our student teacher Mr Coles, and all the students in Room 27 have had such a great time this year! We’ve had lots of fun and also worked very hard. We love our chilled and relaxed environment. Everyone has enjoyed the year so much in Room 27!

Bye everyone!

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