WellyED: Classrooms Across Wellington – Day 33

Thank you to life-long learner Paula Hay for today’s extra blogpost for Connected Educators’ Month. We’ve really enjoyed the snapshots into all the amazing learning happening in the Capital and its surrounds. Continue to connect, share, collaborate and inspire.

Do you want to learn????

Teacher turned Learner

Have you ever dreamed of spending some quality time actually getting your teeth into something and LEARNING about it? maybe you already do this? Learn how to play the flute, or how to code like a pro, or how to strip a car engine and rebuild it, or figure out more about educational psychology.

I consider myself to be a learner, and an open-minded or “growth-mindset” kinda gal, but there has always been one burning learning desire that I have not managed to bring to fruition, until now!

I have always wanted to learn more te reo Māori.

So, now I am.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 9.46.11 AMI am part of Intake 4 of Huia Te Reo at Te Wānaga o Raukawa.  This is an online course for Māori language enthusiasts at the beginner to intermediate level. During this course I will learn key words and phrases that can be applied ia rā (in everyday situations) in the kāinga(home) and wāhi mahi (workplace).

Within the first two weeks I have listened to online audio, completed some written tasks and participated in online discussions with my tutor and other “classmates”.

But the beautiful moments have been when I asked my former students to help tutor me.  I have only met up with them once so far, but I can imagine that this is where the real magic will happen for me and my learning journey.  Having these young wāhine guiding me and being in the role of teacher is fantastic to watch. They realise that they are the “experts” and have to try and apply ways of gently telling me how to pronounce correctly, how to structure sentences properly and how to learn.

To me, this is a great example of ako.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 9.57.56 AM

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