Pizza and Pizzazz at Pukerua

Thank you to everyone who came along to Eduignite at Pukerua Bay School last week.  Despite the cold outside, the group was warm, enthusiastic, vocal and ready to spark!

A recap of talks:

  • Tara Taylor-Jorgensen got things going but reflecting on her leadership as Principal by using the principles of theatresports.
  • Tony Cairns compared good professional development (P.D) to not so good P.D (Periodic Detention) and summed up his experiences.
  • Urs Cunningham is challenging binary thinking, yes it can be this AND that!
  • Vaughan shared with us his “Lead the Dream” project to bring teachers together.
  • Jolene Butson showed us how she teaches Financial Literacy to her students by utilising the Banqer app to create a classroom currency.
  • Andrew Wooster introduced us to the joys of fishing (even taking time at the end of his talk to show us his favourite lures) and linked this to how we learn from others that inspire us and how they hook us in.
  • Paula Hay was able to give us her highlights of the recent EdTechAU conference she just got back from. Reflecting that we are doing some awesome stuff here in NZ that we should be proud of.
  • Rachel Bolstad and Dan Milward have created and developed Curriculum for the Future, a game that gets people discussing the future of education. They went through the process of how they conceptualised and iterated their game to it’s current form.
  • Matt Johnston got a couple of (larger than expected) truckloads of pallets delivered to the school grounds for some lunchtime making which turned into a large hands on building project that expanded to students designing furniture for a MLE.
  • Leanne Stubbing has been changing the culture of her maths classroom, moving from competition to collaboration, and seeing huge changes in the way that students engage with maths.

Huge thanks also to our sponsor Papa Rossi’s in Paraparaumu for the delicious pizzas that fed our tums while we fed our minds.

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