WellyED Connects

In this series of blogposts, we’ll explore some of the other opportunities for you out there to connect with like-minded educators. Next up, edchatNZ, written by one of its moderators and conference organisers, Philippa Nicoll Antipas.

I’m hoping that many of you are already aware of edchatNZ and its fortnightly Twitter chats on Thursdays 8:30pm. After all, in many respects, edchatNZ is the parent organisation of WellyED. It was being connected nationally on this platform that sparked the desire to be connected locally as well, giving rise to WellyED over 18 months ago.

But did you know that there’s to be an edchatNZ conference in August?! Registrations are open now and tickets are a mere $30 – yes – $30!

In 2014, edchatNZ hosted its inaugural conference at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. It was spectacular. We pushed the boundaries by offering a low-cost, high-quality conference. With a registration fee of a mere $20, and over 300 participants, edchatNZ made its mark as a battle cry for the “lone nuts” of the world.

This year we’re back to do it again. This time, we’re setting the bar even higher with low-cost and high-quality as simply a given. We’ll be in Hamilton at the brand new Rototuna Junior High School in August for an eco-friendly event that disrupts conventional conference practice. Less sit and get, more think and do. Educators will find their tribe and be inspired to think deeper, inquire harder, and to challenge their assumptions.

If you’re unfamiliar with edchatNZ, let us say this by way of an introduction: Founded in 2012, edchatNZ is a unique community that has been primarily based online, using Twitter to connect New Zealand educators. It aims to build a collective of supportive, inspirational educators who collaborate and share for the good of the students in front of them – whoever and wherever they may be. And the community is flourishing: the fortnightly Twitter chats regularly trend on Twitter New Zealand.

edchatNZ’s aim is to empower New Zealand educators. We believe that quality  conversations are the key to a transformative conference experience. Therefore at the heart of the conference will be our “learning tribes”. Conference attendees will be grouped in tribes and guided by a tribe mentor. This will ensure that every single participant will have the opportunity to make personal connections and to be pushed in their thinking.

So, what are you waiting for? The conference will be an amazing experience, a learning challenge, and a chance to connect and collaborate. See you there!

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