WellyED Connects

In this series of blogposts, we’ll explore some of the other opportunities for you out there to connect with like-minded educators. In this post, meet the Connected Learning Advisory, written by one of its advisers, Philippa Nicoll Antipas.

If you aren’t acquainted with the Connected Learning Advisory (CLA), and you work in a state or state-integrated school or kura who has digital technologies, then consider yourself introduced!

The CLA is a free, Ministry of Education-funded service. It can help you to integrate and embed digital technologies for learning. Basically, if it can be linked to the e-Learning Planning Framework, then it’s in the scope of the CLA. Teaching and learning, infrastructure, strategic planning and learning, community engagement, professional learning – so many possibilities the CLA can help you with in your school.

And they’re not only reactive to queries from schools, they’re also proactive: writing resources, like this awesome checklist for going BYOD, or this strategic planning roadmap, running webinars, like this one coming up in Term 3 on supporting teachers with digital change, or even running free professional learning workshops – they will be in the Taranaki in August.

There’s a whole team behind the CLA with diverse expertise just waiting to help. And they’re all former teachers, so they actually understand where you’re coming from. Check them out when you next need a hand!

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