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In this series of blogposts, we’ll explore some of the other opportunities for you out there to connect with like-minded educators. In this post, meet the #BFC630NZ, written by one of its keen participants, Belinda Whyte.

If you have found yourself on twitter in the last year and a half, you may have stumbled across #BFC630NZ and wondered what it is. Then, upon discovering that it is a group of educators who are up at 6:30am talking teaching, you may have thought…what?! They’re up when?! Why would they do that to themselves?

Well, let me tell you why…

#BFC630NZ are the people you go to when you are needing inspiration. They’re the people you chat with when you feel like you’re the lone nut where you are. They’re the people who challenge your thinking, pushing you out of that rut you were in. They’re also the people who celebrate your successes with you and laugh at your attempt at memes.

In other words they are an online tribe. A virtual whanau.

Many is the time that myself or someone else in this tribe has spoken of how #BFC630NZ has kept them going through the tough stuff. Teaching can be hard at times and it’s good to know that someone is there for you who walks the walk as well as talking the talk. #BFC630NZ has come to mean more than just a twitter chat to many.

It is a “when you need, when you can” group, so there is no expectation to be there on time, although, most chats are over by around 6:50am. It can be good to scroll through the feed afterwards to see what ideas have come up. If it’s been a particularly juicy chat, it will often be storifyed and put up on the blog for #BFC630NZ.

Ideas come hard and fast in this group. It’s amazing sometimes – you don’t realise how much you know or feel about something until you get asked a question on it. The beauty of the chat is the one question limit. At that time in the morning, more than one would probably just be unfair! It means you can fit in what you want to say around making coffee, waking kids and eating toast.

There are many regular #WellyED contributors who participate. So, if you find yourself feeling like you need a boost, come join the #BFC630NZ crew for a natter. 6:30am NZT every weekday, Term time. I’ll probably see you there!

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