Find your billion

WellyED is excited to help promote and support this exceptional, free opportunity for secondary school students.

As you may have heard Christchurch will host the Singularity University Summit in November this year. The Singularity University is an organisation focussing on educating, inspiring and empowering leaders to apply exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges. This will be a major event with experts in exponential technologies travelling from across the world for the event. You can learn more about the event in this Radio New Zealand interview with SingularityU New Zealand ambassador Kaila Colbin.

Education is a key area of interest when we consider the future. With this in mind SingularityU NZ will also be hosting free one-day workshops for high school age students. The Find Your Billion programme will feature workshops in a range of major cities in late September (26-28th) and will help students develop applications of exponential technologies that might help a billion people.

The workshops will be hosted by expert facilitators from the USA and NZ and will provide participants with an understanding of exponential technologies, how they are revolutionising our future, and how that change enables the next generation – what we call the Exponential Generation – to transform the world for the better.

We would like to offer each Wellington school 10 student places for the Find Your Billion workshop on September 27th. These will be reserved for you and all we need at this point would be confirmation that you wish to use these places. We can get the names of the students at a later date. To confirm your acceptance of these places, register at our website And hopefully we’ll see you in September!

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