Ordinary is Extraordinary

WellyED co-founder Philippa Nicoll Antipas (@AKeenReader) muses on the ordinary things we do that will be celebrated at #educampwelly17 on February 25th at Raroa Intermediate.

My colleague and I were working away in our shared office space at school. She turned to me and asked a question – I can’t remember what it was – but in response I looked at a sheet of paper pinned to the wall directly to the right of my computer screen. She asked me what the paper was – was it some communication from senior management that she had missed? Nope – it was just my term planner that I make for myself at the start of every term.

I explained further how I created it, what it included, and how it helped me stay on top of my lesson planning and marking (and reports, and parent-teacher conferences, and extra-curricular responsibilities, and meetings… you know the drill…). She was amazed! What a brilliant idea, she thought.

Didn’t seem all that sexy to me, I thought. Just my A-type, uber-organised personality coming to the fore. Boring and logical, I thought.

But that’s kind of the point really, isn’t it?

It was a tool I had created, nothing special to me, but seemed innovative to my colleague.

So I wonder, what is it that YOU do in YOUR classroom or to organise your teaching life that you don’t see as anything very “much”, but would be astounding to someone else? A great deal, I’m willing to bet.

And this is what #educampwelly17 is all about: celebrating the ordinary things that you do, that will be – that ARE – extraordinary to others. Come and share: Saturday February 25th at Raroa Intermediate. Register here. Koha appreciated.

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One Response to Ordinary is Extraordinary

  1. Valerie Lees says:

    This video is great to show kids and teachers to consider theirs and others talents:


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