Educamp Welly 2019


Photo by Philip Steir

#EDUCAMPWELLY – “Think Different”

Saturday 2nd March @ Rewarewa School – Register here

What is an unconference?

EduCampNZ is based on a user-generated ‘unconference’. The focus is on digital learning and education, sharing ideas we’ve discovered, and learning from each other. Everyone is invited to participate. The purpose of EduCampNZ is to both learn and contribute, so come along with some ideas or questions you want to discuss.

The session starts with a smackdown – a quick fire slide show where educators share a snippet of something they are doing in their class, an idea or a tool. The rest of the conference content will be determined by you – what you want to discuss or learn more about. Post-it notes will be available to write down areas of interest and these will be organised into sessions during the morning tea break. From there, you select which topics you want to attend. ‘Vote with your feet’ is the rule – if something isn’t for you, simply get up and move to another room that might. Converse, network and have fun! Feel free to come with an idea you want to share/topic you want to present too. Add your topic to the Smackdown slides below so people know about it.

The Smackdown

The day at a glance:

Time Session Details
From 8:30am Registrations 
9:00 Welcome, announcements, info
9:30 Smackdown

Post-It time!

10:00 Morning Tea
10:30 – 11:15 Session #1
11:20 – 12:05 Session #2
12:10 – 12:55 Session #3
1:00- 1:45 Session #4
1:45 Spot prizes, thank yous, feedback and free PIZZA!


General Info  

Register here. Please bring a koha (there will be a bucket at registrations) this helps us cover costs and is greatly appreciated. Bring your fully-charged device(s) if that’s how you like to learn. A pen might be handy.


Rewarewa school is in Padnell crescent, Newlands.  The Educampwelly unconference will take place in somewhere obvious (to be updated exactly where in the school). Follow the signs; they will lead you to the fun.


It’s a long day, but there will be pizza and beverages at the end. The Welly Ed team will be baking some fabulous treats or bring your own snacks for morning tea. There will be pizza and drinks at the end of the day.


What is this smackdown you speak of? Do you have great ideas to share?

Maybe you have a favourite tool, app, idea or tip to share? Participants (optional) will have 1 minute to show one tip, trick, app, device, tool, whatever! Please prepare one google slide to present and add it here. The purpose is for everyone to walk away energized and buzzing with new ideas.


Why not? Twitter is a fabulous way to connect and collaborate with other teachers. It also helps you know what is happening in all those sessions you can’t make it to. The hardest part is thinking of a handle (name)! Go to and search for #educampwelly and @Welly_ED and start following. If you’re unsure, ask anyone running the educamp for help.



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